99% of people do not know the benefits of lighting a lamp, they will start lighting the lamp after knowing

In today’s world it is very important to be safe in every way. It is important to protect yourself physically, mentally and financially. The negative energy in today’s environment can affect everyone in some way and this negative energy can affect the country, society, home and family, but in the Vedas our sages and saints have given the way to make every negative positive. He has always focused on lighting the lamp. Whether the temple is a temple or a lamp is lit in the house which produces a positive energy and can always lead the darkness towards the light. Lighting a lamp has its own rules.

People who are under extreme stress should light a ghee lamp in their home or office and the lamp should be facing east. This will free you from any unknown fear and create a pleasant atmosphere. If one’s health is not good then sesame oil lamp should be lit in the fire corner of the house.

People who are afraid of some unknown fear always have some kind of fear in their mind, then such people should light a lamp of mustard oil on the main door of the house. In case of a person suffering from any ailment in his house and not recovering, the lamp of sesame oil should be lit towards the west in a clay pot, so that there is benefit in health promotion.

Sitting in front of the lamp and chanting any mantra, praying to God or meditating is extremely beneficial as the light of the lamp connects our power with the cosmic energy. That is why diva is considered to be of utmost importance. The process of lighting a lamp lasts for 3 days or 9 days. Whenever you light a lamp, do it with a mental resolve and bow down to your deity. Each member of the household lights his or her own lamp.

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